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“The Fishing Club” has launched on Facebook

After months of bootstrapping we (Robot Riot) launched our 3D fishing game THE FISHING CLUB on Facebook. A blog post on how we developed the game as a remote team without writing a single e-mail during the process will follow soon.

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Game Design Workshops

2013 seems to be the year of game design workshops:

In January I talked to students at Norwich University of Arts about game design processes and how we develop games at Robot Riot.

In May I ran a workshop at Digital Shoreditch focussing on the question of how to get students coding.

That got me invited to The Big Bang London fair where I ran two game design workshops. In this format I used Scratch to develop a fully functional game prototype within 20 minutes. Although the game was incredibly simple it was perfect to give an overview of how game design processes and game development works – and what makes games fun.

I will also run similar game design workshops at the Digital Summer Camp in London.






Game-based-learning workshop at Digital Shoreditch 2013

Just two days until I will host a workshop about game based learning at this year’s Digital Shoreditch Festival. During the workshop I want to explore ways of how any game can be used to get students interested in topics like software development, technology, science, maths and arts.

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