The Fishing Club 3D – how to build an indie Game-as-a-Service

The Fishing Club 3D” is the game I have been involved with from scratch since early 2013. I created the initial concept, UI design, system design, monetisation design, balanced the whole thing and then launched our baby on Facebook Canvas in late 2013 together with the other guys at Robot Riot. After launch I had to become a Facebook marketing expert. Armed with a $40 Facebook Ad-voucher I started to grow the player base, while also looking after the community and making sense of a whole lot of data. In between I also designed many new features we came up with after launch, which really made the game what it is today.

I gave the following presentation at the Digital Shoreditch festival in 2015. It gives a brief overview about how we managed to develop, launch, run and grow a successful f2p online game with no external funding.