“Quintana Quest” has launched

I am pleased to announce the launch of “Quintana Quest“, one of the projects I have worked on this year. This browser-based Visual Novel/Point & Click Adventure is set in 173 CE, at the frontier of the Roman Empire along the Danube River in Bavaria.

Commissioned by the Museum Quintana in Künzing, “Quintana Quest” was developed by crushed eyes media. Game art was created by Sasanpix. My role involved developing the game’s concept and narrative, turning the archaeologists’ input into a storyline that brings historical characters, events, and places to life. 

The game is designed for use in secondary school history curriculums, offering a new way for students to engage with history.

As a history nerd, working on this project with archaeologists and diving deep into research was an incredible opportunity and great fun. I learned a lot. History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Many thanks to Roman Weindl, the director of Museum Quintana, for making “Quintana Quest” a reality.